Supply Chain Management Research Paper

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Supply Chain Management Research Paper nursing essay assignment help

Supply Chain Management Research Paper nursing essay assignment

The intent of this project is to apply course concepts, and to perform an in-depth analysis of healthcare supply chains issues that are of interest to you. In particular, the project should further your understanding of the dynamics associated with improvement of operational performance from a supply chain perspective.

Students will work in teams on this project (up to 4 people). The team is required to prepare a detailed report and deliver presentations to class.

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To define the scope of your team project you should consider the three following content requirements:

a) Choose a topic with clear links to supply chain management

“The challenge for hospitals is to align the supply chain to the care delivery model.”

To choose a topic you can start by establishing a broad research question and then drill down on a specific issue of interest. Here are some illustrative examples:

How do healthcare organizations manage risk in the supply chain? What are relevant forms of risk? (Previous projects focused on shortages)

What are effective initiatives to reduce supply chain costs in the healthcare industry? (several projects explored the role of GPOs)

How can healthcare organizations leverage their supply network to promote competitive objectives such as continuity of care or patient experience?

How are healthcare organizations integrating a new promising technology in operational processes across the supply chain? (such as digital technologies)

What are some interesting examples of disruptive innovation in healthcare? What are the specific disruptive elements in their business model?

Healthcare delivery processes are information intensive, complex and require management of relationships with several suppliers (i.e. multiple organizations) to offer superior patient satisfaction cost-effectively. Keep in mind that supply chain management is a fragmented process; there are many opportunities for blind spots, gaps of knowledge and lack of real-time information.


b) Identify a pair of organizations within healthcare supply chains that are driving improvement/innovation in the industry regarding your topic.

Identify a pair of organizations and compare their operations strategies (from a supply chain perspective) while focusing on your topic.

*** OUR ORGANIZATION IS AMAZON (Wholesaler) vs PFIZER (Manufacturer)

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each organization and give your opinions based on what you learned on the appropriateness of the operations strategy of each. Your analysis should include a short description of each organization, the supply network surrounding the focal organization, and design choices regarding the supply chain. Describe how the firm’s role within the supply chain has evolved and it’s predicted to evolve. Give your opinion on the relative competitive strengths of each company going forward in time and the role that operations plays in each company’s competitive strengths and weaknesses.

When assessing competitive strengths and weaknesses consider key dimensions of performance (productivity, speed, cost, quality, and patient experience). Show your research findings and cite your sources.

c) Opportunity for disruptive innovation

The theory of disruptive innovation posits that transformation in any industry occurs when small entities disrupt larger ones by focusing on efficient and economical processes and procedures as simpler solutions for complex problems

Search for evidence of disruptive innovation associated with your topic area. What are examples of disruptive innovation? Choose one example and describe the underlying business model.

In case your search does not find examples of disruptive innovation, and staying within the scope of your SCM project, you can present a reflection on areas that are ripe for innovation and/or offer greater opportunity for disruption. Explain the operational problem requiring innovation and describe the likely impact of the innovation in terms of organizational performance.




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